Copper wire bangle


Copper wire bangle/bracelet

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Bangle made from copper wire.  The copper has some flexibility which helps for getting it on and off and for sizing.  It is sold in a black presentation box.  About 4.5-5.5cm high, with a diameter of 7-8cm.  It has a layer of lacquer to protect it, but this may rub off with time and wear.

I make this bangle starting with copper wire.  I cut a length and smooth the cut ends.  Then I polish it.  Using pliers to grip the copper, I twist the ends into circles.  This can leave tiny marks on the copper.  Once I have the ends shaped, I wrap the copper around a bracelet mandrel.  This gives a round bangle.  I polish it again, then lacquer it.

For a version with a lightly hammered finish I have –

Copper wire bangle with hammered finish

and for a version with an extra loop of wire I have –

Copper wire bangle with a double loop

Every item I make is unique, therefore the one you receive may differ a little from the one shown in the photo.  The size can be bespoke – let me know roughly what size you would like.  If you want a variation to this item, please get in touch because I can do custom orders.  Also, please get in touch if you would like more information.