Favourite Suppliers

There are some suppliers I use who go the extra mile based on my experience and so I thought it might be good to list them. None of the links are affiliate links – I have no financial incentive for listing them here. Please let me know if a link doesn’t work.

  • Cousins UK. I use Cousins for a range of tools and bits and pieces. I’ve only had a reason to contact them once, but they were very helpful.
  • CuP alloys. I’ve only used CuP-alloys once (for brazing rods), but they were helpful and I got my brazing rods quickly.
  • Harrison and Harrison. Harrison and Harrison sell copper shapes for enamelling and are friendly and helpful.
  • M-Machines Metals. I buy my copper sheet from M-Machine Metals. I tried other suppliers before I found them, but I’ve found M-Machine Metals to be by far the best. They respond quickly to emails, actually answer my questions and have good prices for copper and postage.
  • Nutty About Hosting. My website is hosted by Nutty About Hosting. They’re good value, reply quickly and very helpful, even when I’ve asked probably dippy questions.
  • Peak Dale Products. Peak Dale sell general craft materials and seem to have good prices. I’ve not had reason to contact them so I can’t say how helpful they are.
Photo of a copper orchid in the process of being made