Rose copper flower with dark copper colour


Rose copper flower with wooden base and dark colour

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Copper flower, based on a rose, with an aged dark copper colour and a wooden base.  The base has been stained dark oak colour.  The flower is approx 19cm tall.  The flower has been heated with a blow torch to make it go a dark copper colour, then I filed the tips of the petals so the bright copper makes the tips stand out.  The rose is finished in lacquer to try to protect its appearance.

I make the copper flowers by cutting out layers of petals, any sepal and leaves from sheet copper, texturing these and then brazing them onto a copper pipe or wire stem.  The top and bottom layer of petals are brazed into place with the other layers sandwiched between them.  This does mean that the layers can sometimes move, but if they do move, they can easily be put back into place.  Brazing can leave some uneven areas, like tiny bubbles and on this rose there are some of these on one leaf.

I’ve included two photos to show flaws or imperfections.  Both ‘flaws’ are from how I’ve made the rose, so prove it’s handmade, and I don’t think either spoils the look of the rose.  One photo shows some dark marks and unevenness on one leaf, formed during brazing.  Another photo shows that the dark colour isn’t even and especially on the underside of the petals it’s a bit patchy.  This is just because I made it dark with a blow torch and some areas didn’t go as dark as others.  The leaves are paler than the flower.

Every item I make is unique, therefore the one you receive may differ a little from the one shown in the photo.  If you want a variation to this item, please get in touch because I can do custom orders.  Also, please get in touch if you would like more information.