Hellebore enamelled copper flower


Pink hellebore/lenten rose enamelled copper flower with wooden base

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Enamelled copper flower, based on a hellebore, with a wooden base.  Hellebores are also known as helleborus and lenten rose and this one is loosely based on helleborus orientalis.  The base is made from wood that has been stained dark oak colour.   The flower and leaves have been enamelled with vitreous enamel – the flower is a dusky pink colour.

The flower is about 19cm tall.

The inside of the flower has some marks from how it’s supported in the kiln during enamelling and also a darker colour from when it was brazed onto the stem.  The leaves also show a darker colour, almost black, from where they join the stem, again from brazing.  The enamel on the top of the flower has come away in places from when the flower was shaped.  At the moment this is easy to see because the copper underneath is bright, but this will become less obvious with time.  I’ve tried to show all flaws in the photos.

Every item I make is unique.  If you want a variation to this item, please get in touch because I can do custom orders.  Also, please get in touch if you would like more information.