Framed enamelled swan wall hanging


Enamelled swan, based on a Bewick’s Swan, wall hanging. The swan is a creamy white and is mounted into a frame with a watercolour blue background.

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Enamelled copper swan wall hanging, based on a Bewick’s Swan.  Mounted in a wood-effect frame with watercolour blue background.

The swan is a creamy white, ivory colour, with black and yellow beak/bill.  The white has a dark outer edge and tiny dark dots in it.  The frame is 25cm by 30cm and a pale oak colour.

I made the swan by cutting a swan shape out of sheet copper and enamelling it with ivory vitreous enamel.  The beak/bill colours were added on the last firing.  I also did the watercolour background.

The frame does not have a glass front.  I removed it, partly to be able to see the enamel work properly, but also because during enamelling the swan sagged a little on the stand used to hold it, so it isn’t flat.  I like the slightly 3D effect so I allow it to happen.  Without the glass, the watercolour may fade, but the swan will not change.

Every item I make is unique.  If you want a variation to this item, please get in touch because I can do custom orders.  Also, please get in touch if you would like more information.