Copper/aluminium foil pieces for embossing


Pieces of copper and/or aluminium foil for embossing



4 pack of 0.127mm thick copper and/or aluminium foil pieces for embossing.  The pieces are 30cm by 20cm.   The pack includes 4 pieces of metal, where you get to pick how many of each you want (4 pieces copper, 3 pieces copper and 1 aluminium, 2 of each, 1 piece copper and 3 aluminium or 4 pieces of aluminium).  I’m still learning how to do things in my website shop so if it doesn’t give the option of selecting how many pieces of each metal you want then please add a note to the order.

The foil is by Peak Dale and is the foil that I include in my embossing taster course/kit.  If you want to have a go at embossing or have used up the foil in the kit, then this will give you more foil.  I’m selling the foil at cost.

Please note that although I measure and try to cut carefully, the length might not be 100% accurate and the cut might not be perfectly square.  Also, this foil is sharp.

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4 pieces copper, 3 pieces copper, 1 piece aluminium, 2 pieces copper, 2 pieces aluminium, 1 piece copper, 3 pieces aluminium, 4 pieces aluminium