Enamelled blue bowl with spots


Enamelled blue bowl with spots made from vitreous enamel on copper. Decorative small dish or bowl with spotty, mixed colour finish. Handmade.

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Enamelled copper bowl in blue enamel, with coloured spots.  The bowl is about 10m diameter and 1cm tall.  I made this bowl using transparent blue enamel with a small copper swirl in the centre.  I thought it looked boring so I sprinkled a mix of enamels onto the bowl and fired it again.  The result is mostly pale blue and white spots, but some other colours too.  The copper swirl is no-longer visible.

This is a decorative dish so please don’t put it in the dishwasher because the enamel could chip or crack (I use vitreous enamel, which is effectively glass).  The back of the bowl is black and shows some marks from how the bowl is held when it is in the kiln.  Enamelling the back reduces how much the copper warps in the kiln.  One photo shows the back of the bowl.

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