Copper foil sheets for embossing


4 sheets of copper foil for embossing, 20 by 30cm approx each and 0.127mm thick. Price includes free UK 2nd class postage.

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4 pack of 0.127mm thick copper foil pieces for embossing.  The sheets are 30cm by  approx. 20cm.

I also have aluminium foil listed (the photo shows them both)….

Aluminium foil sheets for embossing

If you would like a mixed pack of copper and aluminium, please get in touch.

The foil is by Peak Dale and is the copper foil that I include in my embossing taster course/kit.  If you want to have a go at embossing or have used up the foil in the kit, then this will give you more foil.  I’m selling the foil at cost.  It feels like the thickness of thick paper, but with the stiffness of thin card.  It is thin enough to emboss well, but not too thin that it tears.

Please note that although I measure and try to cut carefully, the length will be between 19cm-21cm and the cut might not be perfectly square.  Also, this foil edges are sharp.  I cut the pieces with scissors and that can leave a slightly uneven and sharper edge.  Please be careful (it can give cuts similar to paper cuts, just perhaps a tiny bit deeper).

If this product is showing as out of stock, please contact me and I can let you know lead-times and costs.