Copper cuff bracelet with fold-forming


Copper cuff bracelet with fold-forming pattern and aged copper colour, handmade from sheet copper by Eleanor Rogerson Enamel and Copper

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Copper cuff bracelet with fold-formed pattern and patina.  Sold in a black presentation box.  The cuff is about 4cm high and oval so it sits better on your wrist.

I currently have two variations – large and medium.  Large is probably large for a female, large-medium for a male with a diameter across the widest part of 7 to 7.5cm.  Medium is 6.5-7cm across the widest part.

The easiest way to put on one of these copper cuff bracelets is to slot your wrist through the opening, but if that doesn’t work, then twisting it on/off works well.  The bracelets do have a bit of flexibility in them which helps for sizing and also getting them on and off.

The aged copper colour varies every time I make them.

I make these fold formed copper bracelets starting by cutting a rectangle out of sheet copper.  I fold the copper along the long centre line and hammer the fold.  To make the copper soft (and less brittle), I heat it up to anneal it.  After annealing, I open up the fold.  I then create the other folds the same way.  Once I have the fold lines, I cut the ends so they’re not square.  After this, I shape it into a bracelet using a mandrel.  Annealing gives a nice aged copper colour, but it rubs off.  So I clean the surface with pickle and polish it.  To get back the aged colour, I treat the bracelet with liver of sulphur solution.  This gives a more stable colour.  I finish it with a little wax and sign the inside.

For a slightly different design I have –

Copper cuff bracelet with fold-formed cross

Every item I make is unique, therefore the one you receive may differ a little from the one shown in the photos.  If you want a variation to this item, especially in terms of sizing, please get in touch because I can do custom orders.  Also, please get in touch if you would like more information.

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