Copper bowl


Round copper bowl with hammer marks

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Round copper bowl/dish, just under 10cm diameter, with hammer marks.  Handmade.  The hammer marks are from how I make the bowl, so every bowl is unique.

I make this bowl starting by cutting a circle out of copper sheet.  I file and polish it, then sink/raise it.  This involves hammering the copper using a round former.  When copper is worked, it gets hard and brittle, so I alternative hammering with annealing.  Annealing involves heating the copper up until it gets workable again.  Copper does not need to be worked hot.  Once I have a bowl shape, I pickle away oxides that have formed on the surface during annealing.  For pickling I use a citric acid bath.  After pickling, I polish the bowl, then lacquer it.  I sign the back too.

This bowl has been finished with lacquer, which should keep it shiny.

For two other copper bowls I have –

Square copper bowl

Heart shaped copper bowl

Every item I make is unique, therefore the one you receive may differ a little from the one shown in the photo.  I also have some smaller round bowls and some with none or faint hammer marks – get in touch if you’re interested in these.  If you want a variation to this item, please get in touch because I can do custom orders.  Also, please get in touch if you would like more information.