Chunky hammered copper wire bangle/bracelet


Chunky hammered copper bracelet/bangle, handmade from copper wire and sold in a black presentation box. The bracelet has a lacquer protective coating.

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Chunky, hammered copper wire bangle or bracelet. I made these whilst working out how to make a custom order.  These bracelets started as chunky copper wire.  I hammered the wire to make it closer to a rectangular cross section.  This means it’ll sit flatter to your wrist, but has rounder edges.  I then made it into a cuff-style bangle or bracelet.  The shape is more of an oval to help it sit flatter against your wrist.

The bangle is pretty stiff so might be a bit rigid for getting on and off.  For getting it on and off, especially if you like a tighter fit, I suggest pushing the narrow part of your wrist through the gap.  The gap is quite small because these bracelets tend to be worn constantly rather than taken on and off by most people.  It does make getting them on a bit challenging though.  If you’re concerned about getting it on, let me know and I’ll make the gap bigger.

The bangle/bracelet come in a black presentation box.  The bracelet has a layer of lacquer to protect it, but this may rub off with time and wear.

I currently have 3 variations of this chunky copper bangle or bracelet.  The sizes are more men’s sizes.  Small has a diameter of about 6.5cm across the widest point, medium 7cm and large 7.3-7.6cm.  My wrists are quite skinny and small is a little big on me, but not too much.

For a less chunky version, please see Hammered copper wire cuff bracelet or bangle

Every item I make is unique, therefore the one you receive may differ a little from the one shown in the photo.  I can make bespoke chunky copper bangles – let me know roughly what size you would like.  If you want a variation to this item, please get in touch because I can do custom orders.  Also, please get in touch if you would like more information.

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