Blue enamelled necklace – on adjustable length waxed cord


Blue rectangular enamelled necklace with coloured speckles and fitted to an adjustable length black waxed cotton cord.

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Blue enamelled copper rectangular necklace with white, black and yellow speckles (mostly white). The back of the necklace has been enamelled in blue too as shown in one of the photos.  The back of the pendant needs enamelling to reduce how much the pendant warps in the kiln and to reduce the chance of the enamel cracking.  Vitreous enamel is effectively glass, but melting it onto copper in a kiln makes the materials bond so although if you drop it, it might crack, it isn’t as fragile as you might expect.  The pendant is about 5cm tall and comes in a black presentation box.

The necklace is attached to a black waxed cotton cord which has adjustable length.  At almost full length the necklace hangs down 42cm (based on measuring from the middle of the back of my neck to the top of the pendant).  At this length there is about a 10cm tail hanging down at the back.  Making the necklace shorter increases the tail hanging down at the back, though for shorter lengths the cord can always be cut a bit shorter to reduce how much hangs down.  At the end of the tail is a heart shape made from copper.  I’ve included a photo of the necklace being worn to show how long it can be, plus a photo of the tail (sorry these photos are a bit poor!).

The back of enamelled things tend to have small marks in the enamel (raised or dipped areas) from how the item is supported in the kiln.  This pendant has also warped a tiny bit in the kiln so it has a very slight curve to it.

Every item I make is unique.  If you want a variation to this item, please get in touch because I can do custom orders.  Also, please get in touch if you would like more information.